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I have known and worked with lee since September 2016.
His knowledge of the trade and in particular the correct interpretation of the miscellaneous provisions act of 1976 has been invaluable in trying to highlight the danger in allowing cross border hiring.
I wont bore you with the details, but if we allow the law governing our trade to keep being diminished, we will see a return of all the problems and serious illegal activity that existed before the act came into force.
Lee can see this and has fought long and hard against this happening.

On top of that if you are in need of representation in front of a licensing authority, Lee Ward is definitely one of the  few people in this country you would want on your side.
He is one of the best people I know that actually understands the law and licensing conditions regarding our trade, not just someone who talks the talk, Lee walks the walk

Mark Jennings

As a previous member and chair of the licensing committee I have known Lee for many years.

He has extensive knowledge of taxi licensing and a huge commitment to secure improvements across the service as a whole and for individual drivers.

It has always been a pleasure to work with someone so committed to improving taxi licensing in the City.

David Barker

I have great pleasure in providing this reference for Lee Ward and ALPHA. The taxi trade is very fortunate indeed to have someone like Lee amongst its ranks. He is passionate about fighting for the rights of taxi drivers. His drive and enthusiasm linked with his all round ability and determination is beyond doubt. Having Lee in your corner to help fight a battle is a massive asset. Long may he and ALPHA continue to prosper because the taxi trade can only be better for it!

Antony Schiller

Dennings Solicitors

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