All Licensed Private Hire & Hackney Association

I wish to apologise for my lack of communication within this forum of paid members.
I assure you that I have continued to work on subject matters and driver representations (any driver who was not a member has been charged)

I have also been a little busy in making and providing my defence in regards to the hate crime accusations from another party.

I am positive that my representation has been heard and has been positive, however I will only know this for a fact when the investigation has been completed.

If any member knows me, I am many things but a racist I a not.

This accusation hurt me, but it also made me focus more and comment less.

I am not afraid to say my point of view, and I will not live my life under a magnifying glass, which is exactly what I told the officers while being interviewed under caution.

It was a waste of both thier time and mine, and I will not let this go until it is dealt with, I will also not let this detract me from the upcoming Clean Air Zone that we are all waiting to hear about.

Keep calm and carry on peeps, the only way is up!!!