2020 and Beyond!

All Licensed Private Hire & Hackney Association

2019 was a strange year, we all got worked up over CAZ, we had the #10pGate and the ever increasing Out of Town vehicle issue.

Well, 2020 will be no different.

CAZ will still be at the forefront of this year’s battle and perhaps in the next few weeks we will have the responses from the consultation on the matter. This will allow us to then see exactly where its going and what they are going to allow us to use as our work vehicle without any charges, I assure you all that we will be fighting for Euro 6 as other industries in Sheffield will be allowed to use.

#10pGate will not be going away, however I am hoping that City have at least listened to my concerns and that it will be redefined into only Sheffield jobs that incur this charge, so any job a driver does outside of Sheffield will not have the 10p charge, and any driver who wonders into Sheffield and covers a job will also be getting the 10p charge. This is possibly the best scenario we could ask for in this matter.

Out of Town vehicles are still an issue and perhaps now that Brexit is decided the government can get off their back sides and start to run the country as they should be doing and not putting everything on hold as they have done. The initial looks at this show that it’s a combined approach and possibly not entirely what the trade wants. I will keep you posted on this when I hear from my many contacts across the country.

Bus Lanes… I have put an official complaint into SCC regarding their lack of action on my argument about who can and who can not use bus lanes in Sheffield, including my frustration about their veiled threat that they will stop us all from using them if we continue to cause an issue about this matter. As you have probably gathered, I don’t take lightly to being threatened and this issue should be resolved in the next few months.

Apart from the above, as always we continue to fight for what is right for the drivers and I wish to take this opportunity to thank you all for your support, it means a great deal to me and justifies the many hours that is put in on behalf of you guys.

I will be starting a WhatsApp group for members in the New Year also.

Which brings me to end this quick note with I wish you all a safe and prosperous New Year and hope that 2020 brings something back to the trade that has been missing for a while.

Cheers to every one of you.