Is it because its quiet?

All Licensed Private Hire & Hackney Association

I trust you and your families are all safe and well…..

Well, the forums are busy again and that means I am getting targeted again…so be it.

I know the members of ALPHA trust that I continually work hard in the background, and with the help of the secretary Mr Anderson, that work is now doubled.

As usual, the boredom of the drivers, especially during these uncertain times means that they look to hit out at whoever they can because its every one else’s fault that they are not making the money they would like, and I get that, but…

That doesnt mean that I will sit back and take rubbish from these same drivers who have not even been decent enough to support the hard work that ALPHA does, and I will admit, the work has been slow for the past few months due to Covid, but thats not always a bad thing (my battery needed recharging anyway).

I have written to the CAZ team asking for some up to date information and will use this to continue the fight for the trade to continue to use Euro 6 without charges when the CAZ finally comes in.

As for the forums, I am done with the usual tripe that gets spilled out and will no longer be making comments on any post, and anyone who tags me into a thread will simply get a link to the ALPHA website, basically saying that I will only be giving my time and energy to the members of ALPHA.

Let the others who have started the fire stand by the flames, I already know what that outcome will be because they have done it in the completely wrong manner, you dont make threats and expect respect, you ork hard for a long time with civil discussions and joint understandings which is what we have done for a few years now that has built up a mutual respect that sorts more issues out before they even get aired to the drivers and to be honest, thats the best way to go.

I will leave this here, and once again thank all the many drivers who are members of this association and to remind you that I am available whenever you have an issue or just want to let off some steam.

Be safe everyone, the future is uncertain, but the future is always before us, the past is the past and can never be changed.