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All Licensed Private Hire & Hackney Association


My name is Lee Ward and I started my life in the taxi and Private Hire industry way back in 1993 where I was a weekend telephonist to earn a bit of extra cash due to personal circumstances.

Since then, I have been an operator on both voice and data, a driver, manager and owner in this industry.

What struck me over these years was the lack of support a driver has regarding Taxi Licensing, how they handle issues that arise with the drivers and how they implement conditions to the industry.

So, I started ALPHA back in 2013 and have since then successfully represented some 183 drivers to date. Made progress with Sheffield Vehicle conditions and currently working towards a more realistic outcome for the trade for the upcoming Clean Air Zone.

National recognition has been achieved through hard work and dedication, with invites to the Q&A panel at the national PHTM Expo, plus various articles posted in trade magazines.

Are you a member of a local Association yet?

Drivers tend to have an attitude of ‘I’m alright Jack’ when it comes to joining a trade group, until they find themselves on the wrong side of a complaint or situation and then approach me with the opening line of ‘I have been meaning to join ALPHA’

Well, with this easy to use joining platform that you have, you can join in a matter of minutes and support what ALPHA does for the trade, both locally and nationally.

Always here for the members and look forward to seeing you on the list soon.

Lee Ward – ChairmLlan ALPHA

Take care and be lucky

Lee Ward




My name is Stephen Anderson and I have been involved in the trade for 30 years, I’ve been a driver, telephonist, manager and an operator which in real terms is a similar path Lee has taken, so it wasn’t long before our paths crossed and joined forces as we have found our desire to help the trade is of the same.

I’m hoping our joint efforts make a BIG difference for the industry and I already know we are making progress as we are not only serving Sheffield but also Rotherham and expanding further as drivers needing ALPHA’s assistance has branched out to Chesterfield and Barnsley and why not, we have proved ourselves not just professionally but equally gaining respect from Licensing Authorities across the region.

The Story Continues….

Keep aiming high

Stephen Anderson