To The Secretary Of Transport.

All Licensed Private Hire & Hackney Association

Our recent email to various MP’s, Secretary Of Transport and indeed the Prime Minister.

To whom it may concern,


The Department for Transport has repeatedly announced measures which include the latest to safeguard Bus, rail and airline industries, and will be helping transport operators implement new guidelines that have just been introduced.

We welcome the news immensely from Transport Secretary Grant Shapps MP to introduce the wearing of face coverings (not PPE) and again we support this, however we are also aware of the generosity that is being provided to the Rail, tram & Bus sector for these said measures and also the cash injections that have been and continue to be provided, we of course support this too, BUT where is the help towards the Taxi and Private Hire Industry? These are defined as an integral part of the mainstream network of the public transport sector which is clearly documented by the DFT and as Grant Shapps MP highlighted all “other” forms of transport, indeed, he actually went as far as itemising which sectors he was referring to.

Why have we become “The Forgotten Industry?” where is the help and support, or even guidance for our industry from the government? If this is a DfT directive whereby they have left it to local authorities to implement their own guidance to their licensees, which TfL have followed, whilst under pressure delivering help and support to local services with limited resources but yet the Government resources stretch to Billions helping the Rail, tram & Bus and Aviation during this pandemic, even cyclists, pedestrians and the homeless have received huge funding packages.

The issue with the “it is down to each local authority to implement their own measures” approach creates, is simply that there is no government legislation to support any localised measures since the mandatory requirement introduced will not apply to the passengers, only the licensees, a huge difference with huge implications.

There is a duty of care to protect drivers and passengers alike during these unprecedented times; as such, the need to support Taxi and Private Hire drivers, who are part of public transport sector cannot be ignored any further, fear is in the eyes of these drivers who do not only undertake public journeys but also NHS and Care Home workers which are regarded as high risk key workers; as are drivers according to the ONS figures; but we applaud and support them immensely, who is applauding and supporting the drivers and furthermore supporting them financially other than with worded safeguarding literature (generic advice but nothing concrete or clear) whilst the industry is on its knees?

This contents of this Email are in full support the ongoing campaign and lobbying launched by the NPHTA